Real-Time Technical Analysis Workshop

with David Vallieres, Founder, and

CEO, Strong Market LLC

6 Week Workshop - Session Descriptions

SESSION 1: The Real-Time 3D Grid Framework and How To Construct It. Once you see the market in '3D' you'll never be 'lost' or lack understanding about markets again. No special requirements or software needed, although TradingView is my preference to construct the Grids.

Once you see this you won't be 'tricked' into taking the wrong trade forever. I used it in Crypto to trade XLM from .06¢ to .12¢ to DOUBLE my money, and it works just as well in other markets. Markets exist on more than one plane - they exist in Time, Price and Space. You'll see markets clearer than ever before and I think you'll be surprised how much better you'll understand them.

This is, without a doubt, my best kept TA secret weapon.

SESSION 2: The Four Highest Probability Setups to Use in 2022. One high probability setup only works on a 15 min chart, but it is the most reliable setup I've used on all markets and I've never failed to win with it.

You'll learn exactly what I look for and how to enter and exit.

SESSION 3: Market Relationships. One market will signal a move in another market. Crypto has been telling which way Nasdaq stocks will move. The DXY has been signaling the Crypto decline since the peak 2021. The EUR/USD has been mirroring US stocks, but it has also been correlated to Bitcoin.

Just like human relationships, they change frequently. So you need too stay aware of what to look for in NEW relationships as they develop.

Doing so gives you a significant edge in the markets.

SESSION 4: US Stocks and Futures, Forex, Crypto, Commodities and Interest Rates. What makes each one different than the other, and their unique characteristics.

Each market has it’s own personality and quirks. If you’ve ever tried trading a different market than you’re used to, and could not succeed, this is why.

They have their own personalities: Some are easy to ‘read’, some are emotional roller coasters, some are strong willed.

You’ll get to meet them all and how I trade them.

SESSION 5: Why You Lose Money and How To Stop Losing Money. In previous courses we talked about the psychology of trading, but in this session I'll take you a step further: What to listen to while trading, how your mind tricks you into taking bad positions (and why) and how to stop it.

How to prevent others from influencing your trades, the times you should NEVER trade under any circumstances. How to get totally 'in sync' with the market and go with the flow.

How your bias affects your decisions, how to trade with less money - but make more than you ever thought possible, and much more...

SESSION 6: Go Back To The 3D Grid fo Market Analysis. We'll take a final look at the Grid Framework and why NOT using it prevents you from looking at the market clearly.

Tricks your eyes play on you: If you're thinking the way you look at charts doesn't make any difference, then you're not aware of the built-in way our eyes deceive our brains.

Workshop sessions will be delivered instantly

If you don't see consistent and profitable results after implementing what you learn from the Workshop, let us know.

We'll give you the option to receive some one-on-one time with us to help get you profitable.

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